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August 19, 2013


I officially declare today as the Confession Day. I honestly need to admit that writing content is really not my cup of tea. I mean, when it comes to how to write content for website  – I sometimes feel this is really something I could easily live without… Sometimes I like doing it, sometimes I don’t.

To be honest, I never saw myself as a writer or as someone who knows how to write content for website and there are times when I really struggle with this part of my business…

But the good new is that I’m in the process of changing my mindset. I can and I will! 

If you are like me, this story will help you find out how to write content for website even if you are not a pen master:

Not too long ago I had a conversation with one of my dearest friends here in Bucharest, who is – among other things – a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author. I addressed my concerns regarding writing and he started telling me how easy writing can be.

“Look, Florentina”, he said, “writing must be looked at as being a fun activity. If you want to find out how to write content for website, for example, you don’t have to look at it as being a struggle”.

Ok, great – he caught my attention with that!

I was curious to dig deeper and discover his secret. Fortunately for me – and now for you – he was willing to share his method. He told me about this great exercise which can help anyone to write. He even told me the exercise can show you how to write content for website, for example.

I know that if you are like me, you want to write fast and you want to write good – killer good – content. I was so relieved to see that my friend’s exercise was SO easy a kindergarten kid could do it. And it can also be used if you want to learn how to write content for website!

Anyways… long story short, he made me write down some words and then develop a story around those words.

But there was a catch: I had 5 minutes to do it. I had to write for 5 whole minutes; I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t take a break, I couldn’t finish earlier.

Let me tell you… besides being soooo much fun, at the end of those 5 minutes I looked at my messy piece of paper and I was so proud of myself! There it was! My first story (and it was quite a good one too)!

I decided right then and there that this trick MUST be shared with my audience. With you!

So now it’s your turn… I throw in the glove and dare you to do this exercise. If you want to learn how to write content for website, how to tell a good story, or how to simply amuse your friends, this little trick can make a great difference in your writing attitude.

Here is what you need to do if you want to craft your own 5-minute story:

  1. Get yourself a timer.
  2. Don’t forget your pen and a piece of paper.
  3. Before you start, write down on the piece of paper the following:
  • an adjective
  • a name place
  • the name of a person
  • a verb
  • a noun

Now start the timer. From this moment on, you have 5 minutes SHARP to write a story using these words as often as you can. You can write an adventure story, or you can try to figure out how to write content for website – really, the story’s topic is entirely your choice.

Attention! There are some rules that you need to follow in order for the exercise to be a success:

  • DO NOT STOP writing no matter what. You have 5 minutes, so make the most out of them.

  • If you have a writer’s block like, “uhh, I’m entirely out of ideas…” (I had that when I did this exercise) get over it. Be creative and keep writing your story, because your time is ticking.

  • Don’t edit your draft. You have 5 minutes NOW to write; you have the rest of the day to edit your work.

  • Be creative, wild and write until that timer says “Dear, it’s time to stop”.

  • After you finish your draft (it could be about how to write content for website), share it in the Comments section. Let people know how creative anyone can be. It doesn’t matter if your story makes sense or not, just keep in mind that you have just written a story in 5 minutes. 😉

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”350px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Bonus Tip: You can trick your mind a bit and think about the timer as a bomb: if you stop writing, you will get injured. It kind of works, because… how else will you find out how to write content for website? Look at the timer as your website’s ticking bomb. [/dropshadowbox]

I want to hear from you:

Are you someone who is struggling with writing content for your business? Do you know how to write content for website or is the whole process a mind-freeze for you? If writing is not your forte, what strategies are you using to write the content you need when you don’t feel like doing it?

Don’t forget to place your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below! After all, it IS Confession Day today… 🙂

I’m SO looking forward to hear your stories!

Thank you in advance for your comments and for adding your contribution to the conversation.



About the author 

Istrati Florentina

Florentina Istrati is a Leading Facebook Ads & High-Ticket Funnel Strategist who helps coaches, consultants & experts generate predictable leads, sales, and clients on demand.

Her specialty? Helping entrepreneurs make the leap from 6 figure to multiple six figures and beyond.

Her strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, and national business events.

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  1. Hey Florentina. I have an almost 100% proven and effective way of getitng rid of the writer’s block.

    Based on this technique, it literally takes me half the usual time to write an article.

    Thanks for sharing your content. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. That’s great.Thanks for sharing!
      Indeed, it’s a great technique to get some writing work done fast and I’m glad it’s working for you! 🙂

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