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May 7, 2012

I love to have a plan when I want to accomplish a specific goal. Having a structure that I can follow gives me the confidence that I need to get from A to B in a simple and enjoyable way. Life is simple when you have a plan for whatever you want to accomplish, right? I hope you agree with me on this point.

Since you are reading this, it means that you probably are a small business owner who is interested in marketing your business online.

So, let’s talk about what plan do we need to have in order to get your business from A to B, shall we?

1.   Be clear about your business You probably heard people say “Clarity is Power”. Trust me on this one…it is SO TRUE. When I start my day and don’t have clear goals for it, I usually do almost nothing in that day. But when I have at least 5 goals scheduled, I do my best to do them…and I get them done. My point is that when you have clear, written goals for your business it is easier to accomplish them and you have more chances to do all of them. Examples of business goals:

  • My company will have made $100.000 by the end of 2012.
  • I will have 10 000 new subscribers to my newsletter by the end 2012 and so on.

Quick Tip: Make them S.M.A.R.T. ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed)

2.   Who is your ideal client? If you don’t know what you searching for, you have no chance of finding it, right? It makes a lot of sense.  Although there are small business owners who have some ideas about their target market these ideas are usually not enough. Write down everything , and I mean EVERYTHING that you know about your ideal client like age, location, hobbies, needs, desires, fears, problems and so on. Don’t miss anything. You will see how powerful this is for your business. You will know what your next logical step is in helping your client. how to market my business online

3.  Where can you find your client ?

That is a good question by the way. Why is it so? Because it means that you need to go and search for your client. You do not wait and hope that he will find you and then you make sales. Do a 15-minute brainstorming session by yourself or with someone from your team and put down on paper where could your ideal client spend his time. When you have some answers, go out there and present yourself. Make them notice your and perceive you as someone who has some answers to their problems.

4.    Get his email address

Now…here it gets really interesting and exciting! After you’ve searched and found your ideal client and he has noticed you as well, there is a very little chance that you will make a sale right away. I advise you not to try doing that.  If ever you do it, be very careful.  I will talk more about this in my future newsletter. For now, give your client something for free that can help solve his problem or something that interests him. After this step, you will have his contact details/ email and you can follow up on him.

5.   Start building the relationship

Think about it! After you have met a new person and you like him and he likes you and what you are doing you can say that you have a new friend and have a relationship. Because of this, there are chances that in the future he will buy what you have to offer. You must have heard about this: People buy from people they like and trust! So, this should be your authentic goal. Build a genuine relationship with your new client so that he likes you and trusts you.

6.   Tell him about your offer

After doing all the steps above, you can talk about the great products that you have.

Now is the right moment to present and talk about what you have to offer to your new subscriber. And if you do it in a right way, he will buy more than once from you.

So…enjoy your sales! 🙂

Now that you know all the six key elements, tell me …. do you have  them implemented in your business?   What your favorite step in this whole process? Or what the one that you delay because you don’t like doing it?

Leave your comments below and let me know about it!!

Thank you for reading, sharing and adding your impute in the comments area.



About the author 

Istrati Florentina

Florentina Istrati is a Leading Facebook Ads & High-Ticket Funnel Strategist who helps coaches, consultants & experts generate predictable leads, sales, and clients on demand.

Her specialty? Helping entrepreneurs make the leap from 6 figure to multiple six figures and beyond.

Her strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, and national business events.

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