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November 5, 2012

No matter if your business is big or small, Twitter can definitely be an important tool for your marketing. Whether you are a one man show or you have a large team, having a Twitter account and using it properly to market your business is always a great idea.
Simply creating a twitter account, posting some things on it, and logging in once a month does not mean that you really using it.

twitter business account

There is of course more than one way to market your business on Twitter, but before you do that, you need to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are put in place to assure your success.

Here the three areas that you need to add or improve to make your account stand out!

1. Interaction ( engagement)

  • Answer your mentions and replies

Always give yourself time to answer your mentions and replies on your Twitter business account, the human touch will create engagement with your followers.

  • Check your account often

Ideally, check it daily but no less than 2-3 times per week. Honestly, it will take a long time to get some momentum going on twitter if you only post 2-3 times a week, but it’s better than nothing. So, if you can, post DAILY, and you are on the right track.

[box]Bonus Tip: Tools like hootsuite can make your life much easier and posting often is not such a big deal anymore so get yourself an account if you don’t have one yet – and schedule some updates.[/box]

  • Ask Question

People love to talk and share about themselves, so ask them questions and keep the conversation going.

2. Great Looks!

  • Professional pictures are very important!

I know that could cost you some money, but hey, it’s your business and you want to success right? So, having some nice looking photos is important. Even if you have all the pieces put in place and your whole marketing and website is great, if you don’t use professional picture all our work will look like amateurish and that’s bad for business.

[box]Bonus tip: You can use the new header picture to give your account an even better look:)[/box]

  • Your website link in the description

This is simple and super easy but I still see many Twitter business accounts that don’t have this. Where can that client find out more about you, your business, website, products, services and all that. Leaving it out make no sense, right? Thought so! Add your website link in there if you haven’t done it yet.

3. Great content!

  • Post great, free content

Super important! Don’t start posting all the great services and products that you have all it once. Probably you’re very proud of your products and you know that they really can fix your clients problems, but hey go easy!! No one want to see sales pitch after sales pitch. It’s boring and especially annoying . Add free, engaging and good content to create the relationship with your twitter audience.

  • Link your blog with your business Twitter account

I told you to post engaging content, right? This is one way to do it. Write nice articles on your blog dealing with subjects that you know are interesting for your audience, link your blog to your Twitter business account in no time with a tool like hootsuite, and they will be shared automatically.
[box]Bonus tip: Ask questions at the end of the article to start rolling the conversation.[/box]

  • Be personal

People want to know about you. PEOPLE WANT TO CONNECT with the person that they buy from, especially online, so make that process really easy for them.


About the author 

Istrati Florentina

Florentina Istrati is a Leading Facebook Ads & High-Ticket Funnel Strategist who helps coaches, consultants & experts generate predictable leads, sales, and clients on demand.

Her specialty? Helping entrepreneurs make the leap from 6 figure to multiple six figures and beyond.

Her strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, and national business events.

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