Build A Ready-To-Buy Audience, Expand Your Influence, Aand Multiply Your Revenue
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For female coaches, consultants & course creators who want a bigger impact, influence, and income


The Fastest & Easiest Way To Scale Your Group So That You

 Build A Bigger Ready-To-Buy Audience, Expand Your Influence, 

And Multiply Your Revenue On Autopilot In 2021

Are you stuck with a few hundred group members when what you really want is thousands and even tens of thousands ? Let’s change that

A month from today, you can be 1 step ahead towards your dream impact, influence, and income – or you can be 100 steps ahead. 

Imagine expanding a ready-to-buy community 24/7 regardless if you work, post online, launch something, take a nap, take a vacation… or anything else. 

Imagine having more time to focus on building deeper relationships with them, that they don’t just follow you, but trust you and even recommend you. 

Imagine creating a connection so deep, that every content you post hits home. And every offer you put out is what they truly, truly need. 

Imagine stepping into the industry authority status in the next 30, 60 days, and more people look up to you for advice and guidance.  

Imagine not doing the daily social media hustle because you already have your own community – a community that looks up to you and trusts you.  

Imagine launches that feel like a breeze, with clients coming to buy from you every time you launch your offer. 

You know all this is possible, heck you know you’re born for bigger impact, influence, and income. 

It’s time to claim it and take full responsibility for your growth and your bank account. 

And I've created a step-by-step system designed to help you do that. 


The Group Growth Accelerator

The Fastest & Easiest Way To Scale Your Group So That You

 Build A Ready-To-Buy Audience, Expand Your Influence, 

And Multiply Your Revenue

The Group Growth Accelerator training is your gateway to amplifying your FB Group to a whole new level by building a ready-to-buy audience using a highly effective ads strategy and a proven 2-step system.

This training is your ticket to expand your influence at incredible speed and ease so that you step into industry authority status now, create real freedom, and have a bigger bank account.

The Group Growth Accelerator training is focused on putting you in the online center stage with a bigger ready-to-buy audience, while it pulls you away from the daily social media grind.

The truth is that the Group Growth Accelerator is a goldmine for every mission-driven woman who is eager to ignite that burning passion from within and is ready to share her message in a bigger way.

If this speaks to you, welcome lovely.

You’re in the perfect place.

The world is waiting for your brand, your business, and the special gift that only you have.

And I’m here to help you reach those who need you, faster and easier.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Follow The Group Growth Accelerator System For Your Business

Bigger Community Of Engaged, Ready-To-Buy People

You’ll expand your community 24/7 without the need to trade your me-time and family time for your daily social media grind. Best of all, you’ll learn how to engage and monetize your group so you don’t have to rely on posting in other groups.

Industry Authority Status

You’ll move so much faster to having an authority status in your niche. You’ll be seen as the expert, the go-to girl… You’ll have your own community who know you, like you, and trust you.

Deeper Impact And Influence

You'll skyrocket your impact and influence. Your gift, your message, your YOU-ness – it’s time more people get to see and hear them.

Marketing That Resonates

You'll get to know your audience and understand their needs and wants at a deeper level. So your marketing will resonate and become much more effective because you’ll show up with content (free / paid) that they really need at that time. No more guesswork for you.

Loyal Audience

You’ll create brand advocates for your business – people that trust you, love your content, buy from you, and recommend you. They’ll be your loyal, raving fans.

Profitable Launches With Ease

You could easily have multiple 5-figure launches, just like our clients did. So forget about the eerie feeling of launching to crickets. Now, you won’t have to wait till the last day of your campaign to fill up your spots.

Here’s what people are saying 

Here is a success story with one of our  VIP clients
Read below and you’ll see the results we've got using the exact system we'll share during the upcoming training 


She Got 1000 New, High-Quality Group Members & Had A Profitable 5-Figure Launch In Less Than 3 Weeks.

Cynthia Stant , Spiritual Success Coach

First, we helped Cynthia optimize her landing page – which did a mind-blowing conversion rate of 65%!

And her ads? They brought in 1000 new, high-quality members to her group.

Her live videos got hundreds of comments, and she had more time to focus on nurturing her new leads.

“I am very happy with how things turned out, and I’m happy with the leads we attracted. We have already profited.”

With all those new high-quality members…

Cynthia is on her way to having multiple profitable launches in the future, not worrying about where her next clients would come from.




We will create the assets you need to launch a Group Growth Accelerator campaign.

We will focus on the blueprint for scaling your group to thousands, even tens of thousands of members fast and easy.

First off, we build the assets you need to launch a successful Group Growth Accelerator campaign. These assets include your ad copy, ad images, and a few other things.

Not sure how to create effective copy and images? I’ll teach you how to write compelling ad copy even if you can barely write a grocery list, and how to create attention-grabbing ad images even if you’re a total newbie. You’ll learn all these and so much more.



We’ll take everything we’ve created in Step 1 to build and launch your campaign.

I’m going to build a Group Growth Accelerator campaign from scratch so that you see the whole process. Every. Single. Step. Nothing is left unturned.



Finally, we will leverage the ads that are working with a smart, simple tracking system.

You want to focus on the most important number so that you have a smart, simple tracking system that allows you to easily identify your most profitable ads (even if you’re a total newbie with ads) and remove the ones that don’t help you reach your goals. You’ll be prepared to make those very important decisions.


I’ve Helped Many Women Create A Bigger Impact Without Doing The Daily Social Media Grind

I’m Florentina Istrati, and I’m a Facebook Ads Strategist and a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist.

When I first started using paid traffic to promote my business in 2013, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn’t have a big budget and I didn't want to waste money.

I started doing it on my own, with lots of trials and errors and a huge commitment to make paid traffic work for me.
And let's get clear on something. I made all the possible mistakes someone could make – from getting my account deactivated to wasting money and getting no results.

But as the saying goes, “Where there's a will, there's a way” and I wasn’t going to give up!

I continued testing and trying everything under the sun, and I spent hours and hours working, sometimes staying up until 6 am.

I channeled all my energy on how to grow my business with paid traffic.
After lots of ups and downs, I developed the necessary skills to build lead-generating and profit-generating ads.

Now I run an ads agency where we help female coaches scale their groups, expand their influence and multiply their revenue faster and easier.
And I’ve taken my clients’ groups from zero to a few hundred people, or from a few hundred to a few thousand people in less than 30 days.

And not just any people…

But people who are ready to listen to them, trust them, and buy from them.

Here’s what people are saying about Florentina Istrati


"Florentina is fantastic at what she does & I'm really impressed with how she brought the cost per conversion down."

Lenka Lutonska , Founder of

Florentina was on my list building Facebook campaigns day in day out until she tweaked it to perfection. She is fantastic at what she does and I'm really impressed with how she brought the cost per conversion down.

If you’re looking for somebody who will be 100% dedicated to making your Facebook Ads WORK, Florentina is your woman.


Even if you don't have a big budget for ads (You can start with a $10 a day investment. It's a tiny cost compared to what you’re losing by grinding on social media every single day just to *slowly* build your community. And it’s also just a fraction of the money you’re losing when you don’t have a bigger audience of people ready to buy from you)

Even if you are not tech-savvy (You’ll get access to step-by-step training where you can look over my shoulder, see how I do it, and how you can do it. You also get to ask questions LIVE)

Even if you don’t have a group yet, or you struggle to grow your group (You will learn a proven, reliable strategy that you can use over and over again to take your group to thousands and even tens of thousands of members faster and easier)

Even if you don’t want to be salesy, pushy, or spammy to grow your group (Of course NOT! It’s the complete opposite with this strategy)

Even if you don’t know how to keep your group engaged (Don’t miss the bonuses to solve this problem)



Bonus 1
Group Growth Monetization Strategy ($333 Value)

No idea how to turn members into clients? The Masterclass Launch Strategy shows you the exact steps to start monetizing your group and create predictable sales. 

Bonus 3
Group Growth Templates And Swipe Files ($333 Value)

Want to make things really, really, really easy for yourself? Don’t miss these templates. You'll get access to Group Description Templates, Ad Copy Templates, Welcome Message Templates, Landing Page Templates, and so much more.

Bonus 2
50+ social media post ideas and fill-in-the-blanks templates ($100 Value)

Worried that your members will just sit in your group and do nothing? We got you! We’ll give you 50+ social media post ideas and fill-in-the-blanks templates so you capture their attention, create engagement, and pave the road for new sales.

Bonus 4
Group Growth Content Calendar Planner ($333 Value)

Don’t know what to post in your group and you feel like you don’t have it together? We got you! With this bonus, you’ll discover a simple system to create and strategically plan out content that will help you monetize your group.



  • The Group Growth Accelerator  Training - Instant Access ($197 Value)    
  • Group Growth Monetization Strategy ($333 Value)
  • 50+ social media post ideas and fill-in-the-blanks templates ($100 Value)
  • Group Growth Templates And Swipe Files ($333 Value)
  • Group Growth Content Calendar Planner ($333 Value)
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Scale Your Group. Expand Your Influence . Multiply Your Income.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I want you to try The Group Growth Accelerator system at my risk. Because I know it works...

Implement EVERYTHING, and if you don’t get results, just let us know and you'll get a full refund. The only condition is that you have to do the homework we give you.

You have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take this chance and invest in yourself.


First of all, the Group Growth Accelerator is made SOLELY for female coaches, consultants, and course creators. So you can be sure that everything I’ll teach you is proven and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

There’s nothing out there that puts the goals of mission-driven women first. This training will teach you how to build and scale a ready-to-buy community fast and easy, so you could make the impact you’re here to make without relying on the daily social media hustle.

It’s a “follow the process, get results” system designed to get you where you want faster and easier without wasting time and energy on anything that doesn't move you towards your goals.

Everything you’ll learn in this training is simple and strategic, which will make your results predictable.

There is no BS, no fluff, and no regurgitated training in this training. We share what works RIGHT NOW with our done-for-you clients. So you get up-to-date strategies that work today, not yesterday.



  • You're working too much to get leads and clients
  • You want to grow an engaged, ready-to-buy community faster and easier than doing the daily social media grind

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say


I've Closed $4000 Sales With $666 Ad Spend In Less Than 2 Weeks

Tara Antler , Relationship Mentor at LEAP - The Coaching Movie

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I've closed $4000 sales with $666 ad spend in less than 2 weeks. That's a 500% return on ad spend. BIG beautiful hugs sent your way!


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Learn The Fastest & Easiest Way To Scale Your Group So That You Build A Ready-To-Buy Audience, Expand Your Influence, And Multiply Your Revenue