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March 3, 2014

Having a solid online marketing strategy does not have to mean that you need to spend a fortune. I often hear people hesitate when it comes to building an one for their businesses because they think it is too costly.

This could not be more false! YOU can have a strong online presence even if you are not Steve Jobs or Coca Cola.

online marketing strategy

Do you want to know how? Then keep reading…

Today I am going to share with you my top 5 favourite tips for a balanced online marketing strategy. If you implement at least ONE of these 5 elements, I am sure your company’s online presence will see an IMPROVEMENT pretty fast.

Let’s see what these tips are:

  1. Content marketing

Your online marketing strategy cannot survive without content marketing. Besides being CRUCIAL for things such as SEO and Page Rank, it can also help you establish your business (or yourself) as the expert of your niche.

And let me tell you this… there is no better feeling in the WHOLE WORLD than seeing people coming to you for advice. 🙂 I know you want to help as many people as possible with your business, so trust me when I tell you this online marketing strategy is the best thing you can do for them… and for yourself.

  1. Build your own list of followers

    online marketing strategy

This is perhaps one of the most important online marketing strategy tip that I am going to share with you today. I am not kidding. Having your own, personal list of followers is damn important; all your prospects are in that list.

BUT be careful how you treat your list. You want to develop a close relationship with them… and that takes time. Befriending your audience will NEVER happen overnight; it goes a looong way, and the slightest mistake can cost you valuable sales.And if your prospects are there, it is but a matter of time until they become clients, isn’t it?

List building can be a big factor in the success of your business and it surely is a strong online marketing strategy… in the hands of those who know how to handle the job.

  1. Social media

Warning! Everyone tells you it is CHEAP, EASY and FUN. After all, what can go wrong with sharing a funny pic on your official Facebook page, right?

Right… The danger of social media is that is can become super expensive and you can lose a LOT of time if you have no idea what you are doing. The worst part is that you will lose both time AND money in vain, because your actions will not bring you any results.

But let me tell you a trick I learned during my experience with social media… If you have a strategy behind your posts, if you know WHAT you want to achieve with social media, then you will NEVER have to spend a fortune on it. I mean, you will probably not have to spend a dime!

And this, my dear reader, is what makes social media such a powerful online marketing strategy tool.

  1. Share killer info through webinars

Oh, how I love ‘em webinars…! There is SUCH great power behind a webinar, and it works both sides: whether you are the organizer or an attendee, all webinars will teach you something valuable about your business.

Imagine the amount of value you can offer to your audience for free in a 30 min. webinar.

Even more, imagine how they will look at you at the end of your webinar: YOU will be an expert in their eyes…

Try to envisage yourself organizing a webinar each week.

I know you can do it!

Now think about the amount of amazing information you can pass on – and this information will be shared by attendees to their friends and peers.

In a very short period of time your list CAN grow unimaginably! And all this thanks to this little online marketing strategy.

  1. Attitude Check

Let me rectify my error earlier: building a list of followers is not the most important factor for your online marketing strategy.

Your ATTITUDE is (and it’s also the cheapest thing to start with!).

What is your mindset about your business? What do you REALLY want to offer your audience?

If you want to become the leader of your niche, then you need to focus more on giving.

Be known as someone who shares great information – someone who does it for free.

I’m not saying you should tell them everything you know, but do tell them things which they don’t know; show them your potential.

Having the right attitude towards your business will definitely make the difference between success and failure.

Every online marketing strategy should begin and end with your attitude towards your actions as a business owner.

Voila…! These are my 5 tips for a killer online marketing strategy which will NOT dry your pockets out.

You now know how to use knowledge you possess and share it in a way that impacts people’s lives.

You know how to use your time wisely and what you need to do to see the change you want in your business.

Now I pass this to you:

Did the right attitude help you grow your business in a healthy way? What was your attitude in approaching your business and your clients?

What other tools are you using for your online marketing strategy? Do they work? If so, feel free to share them with us in the Comments section. I am sure the community would like to hear them too!



About the author 

Istrati Florentina

Florentina Istrati is a Leading Facebook Ads & High-Ticket Funnel Strategist who helps coaches, consultants & experts generate predictable leads, sales, and clients on demand.

Her specialty? Helping entrepreneurs make the leap from 6 figure to multiple six figures and beyond.

Her strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, and national business events.

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