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July 9, 2012

When it comes to your business you should never limit your creativity and skills at any particular level. Having an independent site for your valuable business is a great way to be successful but it won’t work if you restrict it only as a website.

Keep in mind that people like to read other people’s work as well as share their own thoughts, opinions and feelings. People are also interested to be updated and to know more about the present happening or situation of a company, person etc. And, not only that but by nature humans are more inclined to share their view on certain topics that interest them.

So, having a blog attached to your business site is a brilliant way to expertise or shall I say “monetize” your ideas. You can bring up a brand new impressive topic or idea to your readers only by writing an article & posting it to your blog. It’s a great way to show your expertize and answer questions that your clients have.

When you are blogging for your business, always keep in mind that it has a huge difference with other blogs which are only written for the pleasure of writing or for amusement only. This is what makes you unique!

With this in mind, I made a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts. These blog tips will help you achieve a successful business blog.

Don’t forget that the sole purpose of  business blogs is to convert readers to clients of your business!

1) Choose a theme that looks professional

Business is not child’s play. People won’t put their hard earned cash on something which doesn’t have the touch of professionalism. When your theme has a professional look, it’ll talk for itself!

2) Create an easy way to navigate your blog

Simplicity is the easiest way to success. People always look forward to the things which don’t require serious use of their brain; be as simple as possible while building the way to navigation for your blog. Make it easy & get traffic!

3) Make your site easy for people to share

In this world of Facebook, Twitter& Pinterest, sharing lights the true aspect for your business. Sharing could be a great help to spread words about your business. Keep various options of sharing ‘ON’ for your site so that people can share anything easily.

4) Keep posting regularly (Once a week could be great!)

Keep in touch with your readers. Get acquainted with them. When you’ll offer something to them they will have a deeper look on it. Because it’s you! Their friend! To get this done, post frequently. Believe me you’ll get the fruit as a form of some friends & some clients for your business

5) Write about something that people want to know or should know

People browse the internet all day long only to get their desired content. They need answers to their questions. Also they look for some unique but effective material. Try to express what you know or what people want to know. Share your point of view with them and tell the process to implement it. Think of something that could be considered as life changer to the people.

As our discussion of fantastic fives are finished, let’s get to the opposite side of the penny.


1) Don’t Add Inferior Stuff To Your Nav Bar

Widget Nav Bar is an important part of any blog. It’s better if you can put something good on it but it’s not mandatory. You don’t need to add something which is under the quality. Never fill up the space with some random stuff. “Quality comes before quantity”

2) Never Ever Stop Posting! 

Tired of some serious writing in the last few days? Not getting the true mood to write an article? My friend, don’t think of skipping! If you stop posting then your readers will lose interest. And the damage it will bring to your reputation will be irrevocable. Just write down something which doesn’t require too much attention and effort. Give your brain some rest.

3) Don’t Wait Until The Last Moment To Write

Always try to have a scheduled writing. Make plan about what are you going to write. That means plan ahead of the content. Whether a book or blog above of all writing is an art. Take some time to think about your article post before proceeding.

4) No External Advertising

One of the most important things that we forget regularly is to keep our blog site natural. Google Adsense and some other advertising platforms are effective to advertise your blog but the consequence is not that sweet. It will present your business blog as dependent upon advertisement which is based upon advertisement rather than quality content.As a business owner, you want your readers to stay on your blog as much as possible so don’t put adds. People will click on them and leave your blog and you don’t want that, right?

5) Avoid Excessive Link Exchange

One way organic links are good component for both the blogger & commenter. But be careful about excessive link exchange. Never try that. Only allow quality links within a range. Excessive link exchange can invite Google Panda to impose a ban on your valuable business blog. Google hates link exchange violation more than anything else!

This are, some of the dos and don’ts about business blogging. Hope you find them useful and make the necessary changes on your own blog. Regarding that, what changes do you think you should do? Tell me in the comment section below and feel free to share your blog as well. I would love to have a look and share my opinion about it. 😉

Talk to you soon,


About the author 

Istrati Florentina

Florentina Istrati is a Leading Facebook Ads & High-Ticket Funnel Strategist who helps coaches, consultants & experts generate predictable leads, sales, and clients on demand.

Her specialty? Helping entrepreneurs make the leap from 6 figure to multiple six figures and beyond.

Her strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, and national business events.

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  1. Hi Florentina,

    Thanks for this information. I don’t know what a link exchange is though. I am new to blogging – only about 6 months now and I do enjoy it. I have learned some things but feel I know little when it comes to Google – and Google Panda and SEO.

    It’s a bit confusing.

    I would love it it you looked at my blog –


    Dawn Howard Weaver

    1. Dawn, please make sure you find the email I’ve send you!!! You’ll find more information in there!! Blessings!!!

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