Tired of wasting time?

Tired of wasting time and no results? Four juicy steps to follow and create your own Social Media Strategy Template!

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Here is the deal!

You dedicate such a big amount of time – maybe even more than 30 minutes a day – and…. no results!!!!

It is not funny!!  I know. 🙂

Maybe sometimes you wonder what’s the whole fuss around social media miracle anyway.

It doesn’t get results anyway. But here is the thing.

You need to become a PRO!!

Pro means having a social media strategy template – it’s a MUST!!! To make sure you have one that’s right for your business, go here and read more.

It’s so easy to get sucked in all the social content if you don’t have a plan. I’m not kidding!!

But here are four easy steps to follow in your way to become  a master at this!!

First step – Use Feedly.com to find great content online.
The content of your sharing is of obvious importance.

The rule is to give your followers quality content,  something of value and / or interest. This is where you build trust and potential future business but do not let this be your main intent.
If you repeat your content frequently or regurgitate the same themes over and over you will bore your followers. Even though you will post in your niche, make it interesting and varied.

Second –  Post often
How often do you want to post updates?
Ask yourself: What is a suitable frequency for the kind of updates you are intending to make?If you don’t know, do some tests to find out.

Too frequent or not frequent enough can both be detrimental to your fellowship. If you post too often, people get tired of it and either won’t read them or will un-like your page.
If you don’t post often enough, people will forget about you or think you are not a dedicated businessperson.

Bonus tip: There is a really great app that helps you to schedule and post at your chosen peak viewing times for your clients called Hootsuite.com thus making the task more efficient.

Third- Join in the conversation 
If you choose to send a general update or send an invitation make sure you spread those messages between other updates. Balance is the magic word here. Also think carefully about the people you invite to  events and whether they would be interested & capable to attend.

social media strategy template

Khalid Albaih via Compfight

Model someone’s strategy that you like and remember it is about social networking, which means that you have to join in the conversation.

Four: Promote yourself 

It is to be expected that you promote your business, service or product.

If, however, you overdo it and talk about yourself all the time, telling everyone how good your service or product is or only share your events, courses etc. you will loose fan base over time.

If that’s all that they can expect from you, they will stop reading your posts.

Now, make sure you take action and join the conversation. 🙂

Do you have a plan you follow when you create your updates or you stressed about it?
Do you track your ROI with social media?

How many times do you post a day or a week?

Share it in the comments below!!



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Florentina Istrati is the author of the upcoming book The Facebook Plan: How To Strategically Reach More Than 1 Billion Potential Clients. She provides coaching, training and done-for-you packages to experts who want to earn more, rise faster and make a bigger impact.