How To Book More Discovery Calls With Your Funnel -

How To Book More Discovery Calls With Your Funnel

If you`re having a webinar coming up soon and you want to sell more, keep reading to find out a simple hack that will get you closer to your revenue goal. 

A webinar funnel is a huge, huge system. If we think about the copy ad, capture page, webinar content, your pitch, sales sequence, sales page – all these needs to be in alignment so that you have a strong workflow.

But, today I will choose one topic and this is linked to the discovery call.

For the love of God, whatever you`ll do, don’t name your discovery call...a discovery call.

This word is so overused that it`s not even funny anymore.

Nearly all business owners have “discovery calls” on their website. 

To make you stand out from your peers and show people that you are not following the herd (and that you`re owning your stuff in a different manner), name the discovery call otherwise – and even more so if you`re selling high-end packages.

To give you a quick example, if you have a high-end package just freshly baked and you want people to know about it, of course, that you`ll tell them what the package is about, right?

Buut…. when it comes to the part where you invite them to have a discovery call with you, DON’T (I repeat, DON’T) name it discovery call.

You can be creative and think outside the box here, and you can come up with names that make a straight connection to the package that you`re selling.

We can start with the words - breakthrough session. It`s something else, right?

Hence, if the name of the package is Business Formula, then we can very well combine these two and the result sounds like this: Business Formula Breakthrough Session.

And here`s how you`re closer to your revenue goal. 

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Florentina xoxo 

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Florentina Istrati is the author of the upcoming book The Facebook Plan: How To Strategically Reach More Than 1 Billion Potential Clients. She provides coaching, training and done-for-you packages to experts who want to earn more, rise faster and make a bigger impact.