Facebook ads make REAL MONEY for your business.

You can easily grow your email list and triple, quadruple your investment with ease, flow and epic awesomeness.

But there are many moving parts.

You have targeting, bidding, images, statistics to track (and understand).

Then you’ve got your website pages, lead magnet, and figuring out how to write “copy that converts.” Once this is done, you must “optimize your ads to make them work.”

Bottom line: It’s a lot to do, and you must do it right to make sales.

Your ability to nail ALL OF THIS AT ONCE is going to be the difference between wasting your money and BOOSTING your business revenue with your Facebook ad campaign.

Here’s where my team and I come in. I’m going to build your ad strategy for your:

  • Next webinar
  • High profile course launch
  • Sales funnel
  • Or list-building giveaway

You’ll have a “go-and-play-I’ve-got-this” kind of experience.

I’ll take your goals and build you a Facebook campaign that’s going to take your business to new heights!



Multiply Your Revenue Without The Overwhelm Of Managing Your FB Ads Yourself

Here's What You'll Get With The Profit Accelerator


This is a personalized Facebook ads strategy laying out the step by step plan for the campaign you desire. 

We will discuss:

  • Targeting
  • Lead magnet
  • Webinar topic, outline, and title
  • Money making message that attracts your ideal client to you
  • Ideal audience clarity


Ad Copy Creation (Copy & Images) and Split-Testing

  • We will write your Facebook ads copy and design your images to gain the highest ad click through rates (CTR), resulting in lower cost per click (CPC), lowest possible cost per lead (CPL) and cost per sale (CPS)
  • Continually optimize and create the best performing ad creatives compliant with Facebook’s terms of services for the various ad types with Facebook. Depending on the type of content being promoted, the most appropriate Facebook ad type will be used for each creative

Landing Page Split-Testing

  • Creating and designing landing pages to test against each other
  • Monitoring all landing pages and links for errors or omissions

Ongoing Insights and Optimization

  • Ongoing campaign analysis to capitalize on and scale out better performing campaigns and ads. This involves tracking and reporting a number of Facebook metrics as well as conversion metrics related to your core objectives including cost per lead (CPL) and cost per sale (CPS)

Reporting and Tracking

  • Regular report creation of the campaign performance, progress and insights into what we should focus on, change or improve
  • Time frame for reporting will depend on preference, but most likely weekly tracking and reporting on all relevant metrics including but not limited to: CTR, CPL, CPC and more to have a clear piture

Ongoing Optimization

  • Continued target audience research and testing
  • Facebook remarketing through Website Custom Audiences (WCAs) and Custom Audiences (CAs)
  • Ongoing optimization using demographic, placement, location and device data
  • Please note: This does not include writing new email sequences (auto-responders) for any newly created products or funnels  

Monthly Review Sessions 

We will have Fb Ads review sessions to:

  • Review campaign results together
  • Review strategy and course-correct if needed



"My high-ticket funnel, brings me 3+ high-end clients/month while I'm out playing with my kids"

Shawn Neff - Business Coach at

Florentina and her team helped support a successful campaign from start to finish. We started with a concept, developed the program, created the funnel, and launched the program. Now, with this evergreen funnel, brings me 3+ high-end clients/month and 800%+ return on my ad spend and all this while I'm out playing with my kids.


"Florentina is fantastic at what she does & I'm really impressed with how she brought the cost per conversion down."

Lenka Lutonska - Founder of

Florentina was on my list building Facebook campaigns day in day out until she tweaked it to perfection. She is fantastic at what she does and I'm really impressed with how she brought the cost per conversion down.

If you’re looking for somebody who will be 100% dedicated to making your Facebook Ads WORK, Florentina is your woman.


"I got $20,500 in revenue & also increased my prospects email list with 44% which will result in even more business"

Jessica Riverson - Business Consultant & Certified Money Breakthrough® Coach

" I decided to work with Florentina to book more clients for my coaching business, and I am happy I did! I got $20,500 in revenue – and 1000% ROI. I've also increased my prospects email list with 44% which will result in even more business. I plan to keep working with Florentina and have her as my secret weapon to boost my revenue with Facebook ads that work! "


''In less than 3 weeks, I got 500 subscribers for just $0.58 each."

Sarah Negus - Spiritual Mentor

"When I started working with Florentina, I had no idea how to launch a Facebook ad or what was involved. In less than 3 weeks, I got 500 subscribers for just $0.58 each.

Thanks to her, I don’t need to worry about promoting my business and discovery calls getting booked.

If you need help with your Facebook ads, I highly recommend working with her."


"I've increased my list by 800+ targeted leads that are becoming paid clients now"

Sherina Mayani - Life and Business Coach, Founder of

Before I was struggling to get good leads for my business and after working with Florentina, I was able to reach my target client from around the world, increase my list by 800+ targeted leads that are becoming paid clients now. :)