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My main challenge was taking the plunge and getting started running Facebook ads. I was struggling to find the right solutions and I was intimidated by the backend Ads Manager as well as the Power Editor. After working with you, I’m familiar with the Power Editor and you showed me step by step just how to get started with my first campaign. I’ve got more than I expected. You saved me many hours of struggles.

Rick Gabrielly
Serial Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author. AKA "The Marriage Boss"

I had a jam-packed session with Florentina which totally exceeded my expectations. Not only am I a lot more savvy about how to run my ads now, but she gave me super ads copy plus directions for how to speak & attract my ideal client via Facebook ads (which means more revenue for my business) This girl works fast and furiously. Drink a few shots of espresso before your call with her to keep up

Niamh Kromo
Empowerment Coach For Women at