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Florentina Istrati

Florentina Istrati

How to Create Profitable Campaigns Even if You Are New To Facebook Ads

In This eBook You’ll Discover:

  • The Three Must Have Pillars To Create Profitable Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • How To Find Your Perfect Client On Facebook
  • The Three Little-Known Techniques to Create an Effective Facebook Ad
  • How To Get Targeted Likes [For FREE]
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4 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Facebook Ads (And How To Avoid Them)

How do you make sure that your sales funnel converts to the best of its ability before you spend $1 on advertising? You do your homework and here’s what I mean by that! Have total clarity on your ideal client’s pain point/desire/frustration and PLAN your campaign in advance! I spend a lot of time in putting all the pieces together, revise, rethink until I feel the funnel is ready for Facebook ads. Here’s the thing! It’s NOT hard to boost a post and attract traffic to your website/offer/lead magnet. Facebook is going to deliver, if you pay for that traffic!… Read the Full Article

How To Go From Leads To Sales With A Revenue-Generating Facebook Ads Funnel

How To Go From Leads To Sales With A Revenue-Generating Facebook Ads Funnel
Does the idea of getting leads and sales consistently make you dance (I feel the same 🙂 ) You’ve tried to create your own campaign, set up your ads plus anything else known to man, but nothing gets sales? Here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be so hard! In this article, you’ll discover 9 steps to create a “clever funnel” that’s responsive & interactive …and entices your prospects to buy…like a living, breathing sales person. When you have this kind of funnel, you can: Book more discovery calls with qualified leads (fully booked? – yes, please!) Get more… Read the Full Article

Struggling With Your Facebook Ad? Don’t Get The Result You Want? Schedule A Facebook Ad Makeover

High Negative Feedback!”…”Low Relevance Score”…”Cost to high”… These are just a few of the metrics that show your ad is not performing well. But how do you fix them? Maybe you’ve tried everything known to man to make your ads work. But you still don’t get a consistent flow of leads and you still worry about discovery calls getting booked. Not anymore! I’ve launched The Facebook Ads Makeover: a value packed session that hands the power of Facebook advertising over to you. Here’s how this works… You’ll show me your ad and I’ll highlight the areas that need improvement plus… Read the Full Article

Facebook Ads Secrets to Increase Your Sales NOW

Are you tired of losing money every time you advertise on Facebook without anything to show for? Are you afraid to start your very first campaign? Keep reading … I’ve put together a two-part blog post series with tips you could easily use to see more $$ with your campaign. Let’s get started…. Your Targeting Here’s the thing! When you start your campaign, you have 3 main options for targeting. You are able to target: People Who Know You – These people know, like and trust you. They know about your business and how you can help them. Those people… Read the Full Article

[CASE STUDY] How To Turn $1 Facebook Ad Spend Into $2, $4, Or Even $10 In Revenue

How To Turn $1 Facebook Ad Spend Into $2, $4, Or Even $10 In Revenue So That You Start Having (More) 5 FIGURE Months
If you want to invest in Facebook ads but you aren’t sure about their earning potential, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the four main steps I followed to get 1000% ROI with one of my most recent Facebook ad campaigns. Jessica Riverson is a private client who recently invested in my done-for-you service. I’ve created Jessica’s Facebook ad campaign from A to Z. For $1,882 in ad spend spread over 3 webinars, I helped her to sell more products and making an extra $20,500 in sales. If you do the math, that’s 1000% ROI. (that’s… Read the Full Article
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